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Boy writing ideas for next great video.
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How Much a New Year Can Bring

I came across this promising high school video producer this year and loved this clip he did on his last years of High School. 2022 for me was about putting this project together from rough outlines written in February to quite finished pages that were uploaded one week before 2023. This year has been much different for the site as it has been about ...

Quill Pen
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Writing for Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month so I decided I would give it a try in 2023. This challenge is for beginning and amateur writers to produce one poem a day throughout the month of April. That comes out to a total of thirty poems. I plan to update this page with many of my favorites over the course of this Spring. I hope you find some you enjoy. Maybe you even ...

Boy reading a traditional book in a library
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A good alternative for social media

Like so many people I became worn out by social media. You may have remembered from the first article on the current state of the internet that I wrote about in this book. This blog is the platform I plan to use to replace most social accounts in 2023. This will be a way to free me from distractions ...