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Reimagining what a book is now in 2023.

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I hesitated on whether to call this project a book. If someone wanted to be particularly strict they could say that the six chapters which each comes out to approximately four pages is far too concise to count. Maybe the right term should be a “book in process.” That way if it expands to nine, ten or eleven chapters it may justify that title.

I bought a book that originally came out as a mere PDF file consisting of 54 pages. About a third of it was just white space without any text. When the second edition came out in 2013 it surpassed the 100 page mark. If there was another edition the Q&A part at the end and the events that happened in the last decade could push the page count up to 130-150. The PDF file that was stretching the definition of a book could then easily justify its namesake.

One possibility is that the page count will not expand dramatically but the shorter pages will keep getting longer. I have a page overview of the entire site that gives me a quick overview idea of how much content is there in total. If I see they are all getting as long as, for an example, page four is at the current moment then that might be what pushes the media title from website to “internet book” or some similar phrase.